Thursday, November 28, 2013

World Affairs Council Recognizes Anthony Alfidi as Featured Member

There's no more appropriate way for me to celebrate Thanksgiving Day than to engage in shameless self-promotion.  The World Affairs Council of Northern California has recognized me as a Featured Member.  I have been very active in WAC events since they accepted me as a Veteran Fellow earlier this year at WorldAffairs 2013.  Read the summary of that conference I published here at Third Eye OSINT.  Check out this photo of me in action hosting a breakfast table during WorldAffairs 2013.

I don't know how long that Featured Member page will remain active so I'm reproducing the text below.  I contributed those answers myself and I'm confident the WAC will appreciate the publicity I'm sending their way.  I certainly appreciate the publicity they're giving me.

How long have you been a member?

I have been an active member since March 2013, although I did try a one-year membership in the Young Professionals Forum (now called Next Generation) from 2005-06.

What first drew you to the World Affairs Council?

I was a member of the first-ever class of Veteran Fellows at WorldAffairs 2013.  I wrote about my incredible experience on my blog Third Eye OSINT.

The speaker lineup was superb. I finished the conference determined to get the most out of Council membership and to be a speaker at a Council event someday.

What was your favorite lecture/speaker/event at the Council?

Somaly Mam! Hearing her speak about her efforts to mitigate human trafficking proved that the business community has a role to play in treating people fairly in developing nations. She has incredible courage and is the ultimate success story.

How has the World Affairs Council inspired you?

I have been a US Army officer for almost two decades, with significant time in Iraq and other countries. Military campaigns must comport with knowledge of geography, history, socioeconomic factors, and cultural specifics to fulfill our nation's strategy. The World Affairs Council has inspired me to make deep background research a priority in strategic planning. I am further inspired to seek membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council on International Policy to contribute a military analyst's perspective to high-level policy dialogue.

If you could create your own tagline for the Council, what would it be?

“The World Affairs Council brings leaders in diplomacy, development, conflict, and governance to San Francisco from every spot on the globe.”