Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome To Third Eye OSINT

This post inaugurates something that has been in the works for a while.  I've always had an interest in international relations, military strategy, defense technology, security policy, intelligence collection, and related matters.  These interests don't always mesh with the financial focus of the Alfidi Capital blog but I am compelled to write about them anyway.  These topics warrant coverage in their own blog.  That is why I've launched Third Eye OSINT. 

The "third eye" image from my corporate logo is an age-old symbol of original insight and special knowledge.  The use of "OSINT," or open source intelligence, is common among national intelligence agencies that supplement their own clandestine collection with information found in public sources.  All of the information referenced here comes from unclassified, open sources to show that anyone with sufficient time and ability can perform intelligence analysis. 

Think of Third Eye OSINT as primarily a blog about geopolitics, with analysis of related topics.  It's very much a project of my for-profit business so all of the revenue from advertising you see here goes to me.  Launching it on Independence Day is perfect timing. 

Enjoy what you see here on Third Eye OSINT.